Church Survey #1


Empowering Leadership | How well do our leaders empower you?

Gift-Oriented Ministry | How well does 7CCSA allow/teach people to operate in their gifts?

Passionate Spirituality | How passionate is 7CCSA about the supernatural aspects of God?

Functional Structures | How good is 7CCSA at nixing things that aren't yielding fruit?

Inspiring Worship Services | How inspired do you feel when leaving a service at 7CCSA?

Holistic Small Groups | How well do our small groups do at meeting individual needs of attendees?

Need-Oriented Evangelism | How well does 7CCSA do at evangelizing by meeting an actual need? e.g. our backpack ministry

Loving Relationships | How well does 7CCSA connect people in loving relationships outside the 4 walls of the church?

Church Survey #1
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